Operating principles:

WTT Group Inc. has agreed to absolute customer satisfaction and develop our products and operations with respect for our environment without forgetting our personnel. Education and motivating our personnel is our business strategy's main direction.

Our continuous business principle is education.

In our customer relationships, we stress long-term communication that guarantees the continuoum.

Quality and Working Organization:

The quality of WTT Group Inc. is guaranteed by Finnish efficiancy to achieve the best possible result with district heat to warm and cool for our customers.

District heating as a Finnish economical and environmental friendly and certainty is known around the world. Finnish high technology around the world gives us reason to be proud.

We have agreed to follow the Finnish Energy Industry (formerly Finnish District Heat) Ry's requirements and directions K1/2003 unambiguously both in quality and in our testing operations.

WTT Group Inc. And spare parts services is both around the clock as well as being to its full extent extremely comprehensive. Guarantee and service matters aand their care are a matter of honor for our business.

In difficult or filthy conditions the customer of our maintenance service recieves quickly for example chemical (so called) CIP Cleaning service. This service means the chemical wash for the heat exchanger when the heating surface becomes dirty and cooling is poor or loss of pressure goes above regulation limits. In possible guarantee issues, where the heat transfer surface develops a hole or a leak developes on the outside, our heat exchanger compensation service covers in less than 24 hours in almost all cases!!!

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