WTT Group Inc produces district heating heat distribution centers, better known and described as ”district heating heat distribution centers and/or district cooling centers”.

We also sell independent distribution centers to our customers. We produce all models and sizes according to our customers stipulations from small building heat distribution centers all the way to industries large scale on the whole.

WTT Group Inc.'s extensive product selection covers geothermal heating, district heating, plumbing, cooling and all of cooling technology's adaptations.

Manufacture of heat distribution centers happens in kangasalla.
Our customers are plumbing installation businesses, energy instution, industry, OEM customers, and wharehouse businesses.

Our partners or affiliates include pump suppliers Grundfos, Wilo and Kolmeks; automation merchants Ouman, Siemens and TAC Finland; valve and accessory suppliers Naval and Oras. These carefully examined component decisions gaurantee the best possible quality. Heat exchangers are produced according to the H-class.

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