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WTT Onda heat distribution center

Water heating, heating, and cooling (air conditioning) and other eg. floor- or driving ramp heating.

WTT Onda heat distribution units are district heating's cream. It is the markets highest performance heat distribution center for connecting all sized real estate to district heat. Because of its compact build, It is appropriate for both new and remodled homes. Strong built framework guarantees the best qualities for installation.

In the heart of WTT Onda heat distribution unit beats top quality heat exchanger plates made of acid proof steel. The heat exchanger plates have been soldered with copper. WTT Onda soldered heat exchangers are unique in their technical solution, which are also protected by numerous patents.

Sturdy build - Easy to install

A sturdy steel profile framework guarantees cooling and installation simplicity. District heat income- and outgo pipes are upwards, which guarantees maximum suitability. Water heating, heating and air conditioning pipework are also generally upwards and eases installation. Perfect installation needs only electricity, outer feeling system, and optional alarm installation.

Factory Ready - Best Equipped

Standard equipped:
• WTT Onda top quality sheet heat exchangers
• Polyurethane insulation cloak, surface shockproof plastic
• Automation in desired expanse connected
• Pressure and temperature monitors, also with electronic display
• Pumps with dry, wet or self-adjusting build
• Closing valve and combination valve for warm water, for heating water circulation,cold water input, as well as for heating network fill
• Cut-off and line regulation valves
• Pump control center
• Heating and cooling network grime separators

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District heating center
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